During our first meeting we record the needs regarding the product,
its peculiarities, its philosophy, as well as the place and time of placement!
Then by agreement, we choose the materials, we design and estimate
the cost as well as the construction and delivery schedule.
A photorealistic presentation of the design ideas and proposals is taking place.

Shop-in-shop is a retailer that leases a space within another store,
such as department stores, Mall, Super Market, Pharmacies, and more.
The majority of perfume sales are made through shop-in-shop
points rather than standalone stores.
Shop-in-shop stores can be created depending on the product
and the leased space within each store, mall, department store etc.

Wood - Special Constructions

In medieval Europe many special wooden constructions were made from oak as it was the most common choice for such constructions, including beams, walls, doors and floors. Today a wider variety of wood is used for all wooden constructions.

Wood has been an important building material since people began to build houses, boats and many other wooden structures. Since 1992 Elxis s.m.p. uses wood and metal in constructions. Our people design and construct with inspiration and enthusiasm, using excellent wooden materials and paints, such as wood, glass, metal, fabric, plexiglass and more…

We turn any design into reality and offer an architectural effect that goes beyond your expectations! Wooden structures, and particularly the special wooden structures, are a weapon in the hands of architects, decorators and designers, to achieve the perfect result in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Through our journey over the last 27 years we have gained the trust of our customers and therefore today we can say that we are able to create whatever seems impossible...


Typical metals are: iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, bronze, nickel, titanium, uranium, and more!
Metals belong to a large category that exhibits certain common properties, such as shine,
high electrical and thermal conductivity,
ability to form laminates (malleable) and wires (Ductile).
Most, but not all of them, have a high density and are tough and durable.
Metals are offered for the construction of numerous products with methods that
are the main subject of “metalworking” a particular branch of Metallurgy.
Blends are often used for the best production, so-called alloys.
ELXIS s.m.p Metal constructions