Study – Planning for Shop in a Shop

Study - Planning for Shop in a Shop
Wooden - Metal - Special Constructions.

During our first meeting we record the needs regarding the product, its peculiarities, its philosophy, as well as the place and time of placement!

Then by agreement, we choose the materials, we design and estimate the cost as well as the construction and delivery schedule.

A photorealistic presentation of the design ideas and proposals is taking place.

Study - Design for Renovations of any space

Before starting the study for the renovation of your space, a general discussion is held with the client about:

  • the functional needs to be met
  • the design style you would like to follow
  • any questions concerning the project
We share with you our thoughts and suggestions for the ideal solutions, which are the result of our first discussion.

Obviously the proper professional solution cannot be found in a hurry. It is the result of creative thinking, composition, inspiration, ideas written down on paper, sketches, drawings and final representations.

Now the professional engineer has all the information that he needs to begin the study of your space.

We create a plan for the duration of the renovation and we specify the timetable for completing the work.

The configuration of spaces and the renovation of the premises is a dynamic process defined by a set of basic rules.

Our first and foremost rule is the exact budget allocation and not estimations that neither bind nor satisfy anyone.

Any other approach has nothing to do with construction sciences.